Tune in online this summer: Get a better view of your data with Sophos Cloud Optrix

Make security, compliance and analytics simple

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Webinar Cybersecurity company Sophos says it has the answer to the challenge so many businesses face when they move to the public cloud and struggle to manage their growing quantities of data.

Sophos's Cloud Optix security management platform harnesses artificial intelligence and automation to ensure organisations always have visibility of their public cloud infrastructure, enabling them to simplify everything from security monitoring to compliance, governance, analytics, and threat response.

Simple to set up, the solution integrates with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform environments.

If you are in search of a plan that will put you in full control of the data you hold in the public cloud, tune in to their webinar on Tuesday, 6 August, to hear from one Sophos customer about their experience.

The webcast will show how Sophos Cloud Optix can empower devops and security teams to monitor workloads, track compliance to ensure important tasks are never lost, shrink incident response times from days or weeks to just minutes, and detect suspicious network behavior or risky login activity fast with smart alerts.

You can find the full details about Cloud Optix and download a free demo here.

Sign up for the webinar right here.

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