The great leveller: Nokia waves magic wand over unfair wage differences, and *poof* they're gone

One wonders how the 100k-plus staff are taking it

Nokia has removed all unexplained or unjustified wage differences among all its staff around the world as part of a review announced in May.

The review was carried out by an external HR consultancy, which found 90 per cent of those affected were women. Nokia set aside funds to remove differences that could not be explained by performance, location or experience, according to website Uusi Suomi.

Salaries for Nokia's 103,000 staff were changed from the beginning of July.

The Finnish company said it was not looking for differences between men and women's pay but differences in general.

Nokia will continue to monitor pay differences and is also changing recruitment processes to level wages for new starters, as well as changing processes around staff moving jobs or countries where they have new responsibilities.

Anneli Karlstedt, diversity boss at Nokia, said the review sparked an internal discussion at the company with both positive and negative responses from staff.

She said that women make up 22 per cent of Nokia staff and 20 per cent of its executive team. ®

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