Can hyperconverged infrastructure live up to the hype and change your life? Tune in online next month to find out

Scale Computing is here to drill through all the buzz

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Webcast As organisations see their volume of data growing at an ever-faster rate, many find themselves struggling to manage this avalanche of information, not just securely but without incurring exorbitant costs.

That’s why hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has become the latest buzzword, setting the IT world alight with its promise of newfound ease and efficiency.

The question is, does all the hype justify a complete infrastructure refresh? To find the answer, tune into our webcast on September 5 to hear the facts from HCI expert Alan Conboy, Office of the CTO at Scale Computing. Conboy will chat to The Register's Elena Perez about the opportunities HCI can offer, and help you decide whether it’s the right fit for your organisation.

The webcast, brought to you by Scale Computing, will provide much-need clarity on the following topics:

  • Why HCI, and why now? A look at the marketplace conditions that have fueled the rise of HCI, especially in particular sectors.
  • How to weigh up the opportunities and the trade-offs that exist for your organisation, and the implications for data protection.
  • What a HCI implementation may entail: calculating the costs, the time frame, and the resources.
  • Looking ahead: how to optimise your organisation’s future with HCI.

You can sign up for this event right here.


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