Join us at MCubed to find out how machine learning can fight fraudsters, cut pager noise, and much more

Our practical no-hype conference on AI development

Event Whether it’s fraudsters or system crashes that keep you awake at night, join us at the MCubed conference to find out how machine learning and AI can tackle both problems.

We’ve added more speakers to our event lineup, who will help you apply machine learning, AI, and analytics to the sort of problems that can ruin your day – or night.

Icon Solution’s Tamsin Crosland will join us to discuss using machine learning to detect payment fraud, including how to prepare training data and avoid bias.

And if you’ve ever been woken up in the wee small hours by a pager alert, you’ll want to join Mike Fowler’s session on using a Cloud ML model with Cloud Functions to reduce pager noise – by working out how likely it is an incident will resolve itself.

Professor Mark Whitehorn will join us for a session on understanding neural networks, which will be a great trailer for his day-three workshop with Kate Kilgour.

They’re all fantastic additions to our lineup that will power up your machine learning and AI efforts, whether you’re taking your first steps, or are well down the path and want to get deep on specific tools and techniques. You can see the full speaker lineup here.

And of course, we have a quartet of all-day highly practical workshops covering: developing and deploying neural networks; text mining; developing with TensorFlow 2; and getting machine learning into production using containers and DevOps.

This will all take place at the QE II Conference Center in London, England, from September 30 to October 2, and as usual, there will be excellent food right the way through. So to bag your spot, head over to the MCubed website now, and we’ll see you in September. ®

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