Handy, that: Microsoft inhales cloud migration outfit for undisclosed amount

Orchestrating Movere purchase in the Dark?

Microsoft has snapped up cloud migration specialists, Movere, in its efforts to smooth the path for customers to Azure.

The Azure team are most interested in Movere's discovery and assessment capabilities, which the company reckons will augment the existing Azure Migrate service.

Movere's Discovery tooling automates the assessment of an environment, scanning up to 1,000 servers an hour with over 1,000 data points collected. Customer Anheuser Busch reported that the software picked up "25 per cent more servers than we originally thought were in our environment" along with discovering environments that were offline, expired or retired.

We're not sure if that says more about Busch than Movere, to be honest.

Based in Bellevue, US and founded in 2008, Movere describes itself as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and, as well as being a Microsoft Gold Partner, is also an Amazon Web Services Advanced ISV Partner for Migration.

As far as the latter is concerned, Movere currently assists customers in understanding how the byzantine licensing structure for the likes of Windows and SQL Server will work on AWS as well as spotting on-premises candidates for a move to Amazon's cloud.

For the former, Movere has worked with Microsoft since 2008 and is now, as CEO Kristin Ireland said, "part of the Microsoft Azure team."

The acquisition makes sense for Microsoft, which obviously would dearly like customers to move to a cloudier world, particularly with the likes of on-premises favourite, Windows Server 2008, trundling to the end of the road next year in terms of support.

The amount paid by the Windows giant for its new toy was undisclosed. We've contacted Microsoft to find out what the acquisition means for current and future support for Azure competitor, AWS, and will update should there be a response. ®

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