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From PowerShell to auditing: Expand your cybersecurity know-how at SANS London 2019

Gain the skills you need to fend off miscreants this October in the UK capital

Promo The internet is full of powerful, fast-changing hacking tools and malicious actors who know how to use them. That makes the regular training events held by IT security specialist SANS Institute an essential destination for technology professionals keen to sharpen their defensive skills and protect their organisation against today’s ever-more ingenious attackers.

The SANS London 2019 event taking place from 14-19 October offers a choice of ten immersive training courses aimed at all skill levels.

Attendees are also welcome to attend two additional evening talks that dive into the latest threats and tools to defend against them. Who is in your wallet? Capital One debrief and postmortem with Eric Johnson, and CYA by using CIA correctly for a change with Keith Palmgren, will be held in the evening after training. These talks are a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and get a detailed look into topics led by industry leading practitioners.

All the training courses are led by experienced practitioners and prepare students for valuable GIAC certification. Attendees are assured they will be able to use their newfound knowledge as soon as they return to work.

Here’s a summary of the scheduled courses:

Introduction to cyber security
A hands-on course for IT-aware students with no cybersecurity experience. Learn the basics of terminology, networks, security policies, incident response, passwords, and cryptographic principles.

Security essentials, bootcamp style
Would you be able to find compromised systems on your network? Do you know if all your security devices are configured correctly? Are proper security metrics set up? This uses a bootcamp-style format reinforced with hands-on labs.

Hacker tools, techniques, exploits and incident handling
A survey of criminals’ hacking tools and techniques, from cutting-edge attack vectors to the golden oldies. Follow a step-by-step process for responding to incidents and explore the legal issues.

Securing Windows and PowerShell automation
How to use PowerShell to automate Windows security management across an Active Directory enterprise, with damage control built in from the beginning.

Securing Linux/Unix
In-depth coverage of security including real-world examples, tips, and tricks. Discover the vulnerabilities in common Linux and Unix applications.

Cloud security and devops automation
Building secure infrastructure and software using devops and cloud services. Practise using popular open-source tools such as Puppet, Jenkins, GitLab, Vault, Grafana, and Docker to automate configuration management, continuous delivery, containerization, micro-segmentation, compliance, and continuous monitoring.

Web app penetration testing, and ethical hacking
Web app flaws play a major role in breaches and intrusions. Learn a repeatable process to spot them and how to ensure your organisation is aware of the risk.

Network penetration testing, and ethical hacking
A course on conducting high-value penetration-testing projects, with more than 30 hands-on labs. It covers planning, scanning, password attacks, and web app manipulation. Learn how to mine blogs, search engines, and social networking sites using best-of-breed tools.

Implementing and auditing critical security controls
Delve deep into the techniques and tools needed to implement and audit Critical Security Controls, a comprehensive security framework based on actual attacks documented by the US Center for Internet Security. The course covers a wide range of known attacks, and how to identify and stop them.

Auditing and monitoring networks, perimeters, and systems
Performing enterprise IT security audits can be daunting. Find the answers to questions such as which systems should you audit first? How do you assess the risks? What settings should you check?

If you are not able to make the SANS London October training event, there is another training event in London taking place in November, and SANS has also announced its training dates for the first part of 2020. Pro tip: keep your agendas free for November 25 & 26th for CyberThreat: the highly technical and inspiring Summit co-hosted between SANS and the NCSC is returning to London with a mind-blowing program.

Read the full details and register right here.

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