You all know why you should encrypt your cloud data – now learn where and how…

AWS spills the beans

Promo You know it makes sense to go to the cloud, and you know it makes sense to encrypt your data. But just what should you be encrypting - and where? And what’s the most efficient way of carrying it out, and managing your encryption strategy in the future?

If these are the sort of questions you’d like answered, you’ll be happy to know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hosting a security webinar on The Key to Effective Cloud Encryption on September 26, between 0930 and 1130 BST.

Your hosts will be Tim Rains, AWS regional leader for Security and Compliance Business Acceleration, Worldwide Public Sector and Dave Walker, security specialist solutions architect at AWS.

Tim’s CV includes stints as director of Cyber-Security Strategy at Las Vegas Sands, the world’s largest gaming company, and the global chief security advisor for Microsoft, while Dave has spent over two and a half decades advising companies and public sector organisations meet industry-specific and Critical National Infrastructure security requirements since 1993.

Together, they’ll take you on a deep dive into how to use encryption to protect your data in the cloud, and how AWS’s encryption features such as AWS Key Management Service and AWS CloudHSM can help.

Sound good? Of course it does. In which case, step right this way to register.

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