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Fitbit fitness fans furious following flummoxing flawed firmware float, fleeting feedback, failed fixes

Punters say their gear has been messed up for a month-plus

Fitbit wearers are super-upset that a buggy software update has for the past month made their wearable exercise trackers unable to properly sync with their Android devices.

A Register reader pointed us to this ongoing thread in the Fitbit support forums in which users complain they have had problems getting the wearables to wirelessly link up with their phones. What's more, they say Fitbit has been unresponsive to their support requests, and there seems to be no reliable way to fix the problem.

The issue seems to stem from the August 16 update Fitbit released for its Android app and gadget firmware. Folks say that having installed the software, they are unable to get their smartphones to sync up and stay synced with their wristband fitness-tracking gizmos for more than a day or so.

The Register has asked Fitbit for comment, and has yet to hear back.

"Ever since the 'new' app and firmware upgrade, my device has gone from being rock solid to not working very sporadically," fumed one Fitbit owner.

"I have spoken to support, who were less than helpful, and just said there was a known problem with Android 9 and the latest app, and they would report it to the developers. Not much use to the customer, so I have a Charge 3 that is basically now an ornament. I have tried all the suggestions, and it gets it working for an hour or two and then fails."

Other Fitbit owners have had similar complaints.

"I had no issues until the new and 'improved' version was foisted upon us," wrote one. "It is not accurate and takes forever to sync, even though I went into my settings and turned on all-day sync."

While some people have reported having success by performing a full factory reset of their Fitbit device and re-installation of the app, it seems there is no easy, official way to remedy the headache. The following steps, suggested by one punter following a conversation with the support desk, were suggested, though your mileage may vary:

1. Hold the button down on your Fitbit to restart it.

2. Unpair any other devices from your phone

3. Check your app. If it's not already synched, refresh it and you should be good to go.

Should we hear back from anyone at Fitbit, we will update the article with any information. If you are having similar problems with your Fitbit device or have a possible solution to offer, contact The Register here. ®

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