Neural networks. Sparse data. TensorFlow. PyTorch. Text mining. Ethics – and lots more. We've got every angle of AI covered at MCubed

Join us and our awesome speakers for a hearty no-hype pure-tech deep dive

Event Whether you’re worried about the machines taking over, or think it can’t happen soon enough, you should get yourselves down to MCubed at the end of the month.

Our lineup of top-of-the-range speakers will explain the technical and ethical ins and outs of machine learning. Sebastian Riedel of Facebook AI Research will give an overview of how the social network is working on unsupervised natural language processing, while fellow keynoter Lorien Pratt will draw on her experience delivering machine-learning solutions for clients, such as the Human Genome Project and the US Department of Energy.

Our conference programme includes practical sessions covering key tools and frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, as well as hands-on advice for dealing with real-world problems, such as sparse data and strained memory. You can also learn how a company the size of Adobe scales up its machine-learning operations. And we’ll delve into the practical application of AI in problems such as fraud detection, test management, and security incident analysis.

And we’ll also cover the ethical and legal issues you need to be aware of when designing and running machine-learning systems, from IP implications, to avoiding bias, and even accounting for collusion between pricing algorithms.

And it gets even deeper, with places available on our highly practical workshops covering: developing and deploying neural networks; mining text for insights; developing with TensorFlow 2; and getting machine learning into production using containers and devops.

This will all take place at the QE II Conference Center, London, from September 30 to October 2, and you can bag your spot right now – by heading over to the MCubed website. ®

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