When modernising your data warehouse and analytics, trust is everything – learn more from Google this week

Find out how your peers are doing getting ahead with Google Cloud

Promo Even if you’re not worried about your traditional data warehouse delivering all the insight it could, you’re almost certainly worried about it staying secure and compliant.

Help is on the way. Google Cloud’s Global Digital Conference, held this Wednesday – 25 September – will talk you through the state of the art when it comes to migrating, storing, and analysing your organisation’s most precious data, and ensuring it is compliant and where it should be.

The event's speakers will include an array of experts, such as Google’s own solution architects and engineers, who will explain how modern data warehousing in general, and its BigQuery platform in particular, can accelerate time to insight and unlock innovation.

And the sessions will also show you how your counterparts in industries such as finance and healthcare ensure their core data remains secure and compliant, even as it moves from traditional systems to the modern cloud.

The traffic won’t be all one way, with live Q&A sessions giving you the chance to raise questions about the issues that matter to you and get the answers you need from Google’s roster of experts, whether the issue is migration, streamlining management, or how to ensure you’re getting the right information to the right people in your organisation.

You’ll also get the opportunity to compete with your counterparts worldwide in an online cloud task competition: an array of tempting prizes will be announced during the conference.

Full details are available right here.

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