2020 is just around the corner – and your data analytics are stuck in 2011. Upgrade your biz with Google Cloud

Jump-start your next decade at the Global Digital Conference this week

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Promo If you’ve decided that your traditional data warehouse or analytics tooling isn’t fit for the next decade, you should take time out to join Google Cloud’s Global Digital Conference tomorrow – Wednesday, 25 September.

Keynote sessions will give you the big picture on why, and how, major organisations are not just moving their data warehouses from decades old on-premises systems to the cloud, but also utilizing new tools, such as Google's BigQuery, to deliver analysis and insights faster than the competition.

Breakout sessions will focus on a range of topics, including how chief data officers can cost-effectively update their analytics to unlock innovation – and the top five issues you should consider to ensure a successful modernization process.

As well as learning from Google’s experts, you’ll hear how fellow leaders in sectors such as retail and healthcare are using the latest analytics tools to ensure their core data is delivering new insights faster than ever.

And you can drill down even further, with live Q&A sessions giving you the chance to pose your own questions to Google’s panel of experts.

However far along you are with your journey to the cloud, you’ll find masses of useful information. Sound good? Then head this way to get full details on this special event.

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