APIs, costs, vendor lock-in... Get expert answers to your serverless Qs – and dive in deep with practical workshops

From Lambda to Azure, and all points in between, join us this November in London

Event If you’re thinking of shifting over to serverless and function-as-a-service, join us at the aptly named Serverless Computing London from November 6 to 8.

At this year's conference we will cover the full gamut of serverless platforms, from AWS Lambda to Azure Functions, and our speakers will take a resolutely practical approach to developing and deploying applications on them.

So as well as keynote talks from serverless pioneers Paul Johnstone and Lynn Langit, we have speakers from major companies who’ve taken the plunge on serverless.

If you’re looking into managing costs, Lego’s Sheen Brisals has you covered. If you’re concerned about ensuring your functions don’t tie you to one vendor for eternity, check out Vacation Tracker’s Slobodan Stojanović session on hexagonal architecture. And if the prospect of globally distributed computing for pennies has you fired up, that's just what Hedgefacts' Duncan Jones will be discussing.

All of which will set you up for one of our three all-day workshops. This year’s line up spans sessions on getting started with AWS Lambda, developing and deploying functions on Azure, and building CI/CD pipelines for serverless applications.

This all happens at the QE II Conference Centre, in London, UK, from November 6 to 8, and we’ll make sure you’re well fueled throughout the proceedings, and have plenty of time and space to connect with your fellow attendees and our speakers. So, why delay, head over to the website today and secure your spot. ®

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