Training workshops, keynote speakers, top advice, and more: Join us at our AI conference MCubed next week

Book your ticket now to get a real-world intro to machine learning and analytics

Event MCubed, our machine-learning conference, kicks off in London next week, and we really want you to join us for three days of practical AI and analytics.

We’ll be welcoming almost 40 speakers to the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre at the heart of the UK capital. They come from a range of companies and disciplines, though they share one thing: experience in putting machine learning and analytics to practical use in organisations like yours.

So, whether they’re explaining the principles behind machine learning and neural networks, talking you through key tools such as PyTorch and TensorFlow, or diving into areas such as natural language processing, chat bots, and computer vision, you know they’re talking from experience.

They’ll also show you how they’ve applied artificial intelligence to real world problems, ranging from developing for the automotive sector, analysing financial payments for fraud, supporting a major software company, or applying machine learning to incident reports to ensure a good night’s sleep.

And we can help you get even more hands-on with places available on our highly in-depth workshops covering: developing and deploying neural nets; developing with TensorFlow 2; and getting machine learning into production using containers and DevOps.

This will all take place at the QE II Conference Center, London, England, from September 30 to October 2, and there will be time, space, and suitable supplies to ensure you can connect with our speakers and your fellow attendees. So, time is running out, so book your spot now by heading over to the MCubed website. ®

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