Now that's integrity: Bloke sinks 7 beers, turns himself in. Cops weren't looking for him

But that didn't stop them arresting him for being drunk

We all like to think that we generally try to do the right thing. However, sometimes doing the right thing is not doing anything at all.

It was all going so well for 59-year-old Billy Bob Hall, a resident of Weatherford, Texas.

That is until he started worrying that he was "the subject of a warrant for a parole violation", the local CBS news network reports.

Poor old Billy Bob was certainly right to consider that going on the run wouldn't end well for him, but in this case some basic fact-checking was needed.

Nevertheless, the morally unambiguous Hall was convinced he should dob himself in and took the walk of shame down to the Parker County jail.

But not before draining seven (7) Budweiser "beers" for the Dutch courage.

There, he spoke to one Deputy R Chavez who, according to the arrest report, could smell the stench of hooch coming off our brave paragon of virtue.

Hall copped to his lager intake and must have explained why he was popping in to see the assembled deputies.

The officers checked their records but warrants for the arrest of Billy Bob Hall came up blank. Oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Unfortunately, Hall would have been free to go were it not for his little Bud bender.

The cops believed Hall to be "intoxicated to the degree that he posed a danger to himself and to others" and arrested him on suspicion of "Public Intoxication".

So the night ended as Hall had expected – with him in Park County jail, where he remains.

The moral of the story? Don't drink Budweiser.

We extend our sympathies to Hall – because if seven beers is enough to be intoxicated to the degree that you pose a danger to yourself and others, we're glad those cops weren't out with The Reg last night. ®

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