Worried about the future? Learn how to apply chaos to your infrastructure with us...

Plan for surprises: Join us at our hype-free serverless computing shindig

Event We're living in uncertain times, so why wouldn't you want to ensure your compute infrastructure is as flexible as possible - and that you won't miss a beat if things do go wrong?

Of course you would, which is why you should join us at Serverless Computing London next month, where our speakers will be giving you practical insights into how best to exploit serverless and FaaS architectures - and how to cope when life doesn't quite go to plan.

We've recently added more speakers, including Katy Shimizu, who will be discussing the many ways a serverless application can fail, and how you can prepare for all eventualities.

We've also got Open Knowledge's Lars Rowekamp discussing testing for serverless functions to ensure they do what they're told.

And what better way is there to prepare for the unexpected than to apply a little chaos engineering in advance, which is just what Thundra's Emrah Samdan will be showing you how to do in his session.

They'll be joining our array of speakers who've rolled out serverless infrastructure and applications in companies like Well Pharmacy, Lego, Comcast, and Bayer.

If you want to get even more practical, snap up a ticket for one of our day three workshops. This year's line-up spans sessions on getting started with AWS Lambda, developing and deploying functions on Azure, and building CI/CD pipelines for serverless applications.

This all happens at the QE II Conference Centre in Westminster, from November 6 to 8, and while we can't guarantee everything about the future, we're pretty sure you'll leave us better educated on how to handle the next wave of computing. Full details here. ®

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