Tune in today: Learn lessons from Australia and Singapore – find out how to thwart cyber-crooks probing your IT

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Webcast Stop press: there are miscreants out there, and they are looking to break into your computer systems and steal your data. But you knew that, right?

More interesting is that different countries can face very different threats. In today's webcast, we will speak to Carbon Black about their latest cyber-security research data, study global trends, and drill into two specific countries, with findings such as:

Singapore businesses are facing a dramatically escalating threat environment in which attack volumes have grown exponentially in the past 12 months. In particular, Singapore’s strong government and local authority sector is proving an attractive target for cyber-criminals, with CIO, CTO, and CISOs in this sector reporting significantly elevated attack frequency.

In Australia, businesses are battling a sustained threat environment where attacks continue to grow in sophistication and complexity, making network breaches an all but inevitable consequence. 97 per cent of Australian organizations participating in the study said they have suffered one or more computer security breaches in the past 12 months due to external cyber-attacks.

But there’s more. A threat is only a threat if it isn’t challenged, so we’re looking to go beyond attacker behaviours and pose the question: what are organizations doing to defend themselves, in terms of tooling and process perspectives.

We’re going to ask what differentiates our focus countries, what to do in response, and, overall, how to set priorities, keep current, and plan for whatever is around the corner.

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