Plusnet is doing us proud again with early Christmas present for customers: Price hikes

That'll give them something else to moan about

BT's budget broadband pusher Plusnet is about to give customers something else to complain about, having just announced a price hike before Christmas.

From 3 December, the provider will also withdraw its old "broadband without line rental" packages from sale for new customers, according to ISP Review.

Most of the changes reflect increases in per-minute call charges, although the standard monthly cost of phone line rental will also increase by £1 to £19.99, it reports.

However, those new increases will not apply to existing customers who entered into fixed-price contracts after 8 August 2018.

A Plusnet spokesperson said: "Like many providers we are making small price changes to some of our products. We've managed to keep prices as low as possible without increases for the last 18 months as we know these are always unwelcome.

"All customers can move to a fixed-price contract to guarantee broadband and line rental prices, to avoid the increase whilst taking advantage of end-of-contract reminders and an annual account review, so they always know they're on the right deal for their needs."

Following an Ofcom review of broadband pricing, Plusnet was among a number of ISPs promising to allow loyal customers access to better deals once their contracts end.

The telecoms regulator pledged to protect out-of-contract customers from above-inflation price rises.

Plusnet has been repeatedly ranked the most moaned-about ISP in Ofcom's quarterly summary of broadband and landline whinges.

Last month it emerged that hundreds of Plusnet customers will be hit with up to four months' worth of bills at once, after a system error meant their payments weren't taken. ®

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