Peer into the future at Cisco’s Networking.Next Virtual Event

Be the first to see tech giant’s global trends report

Promo Cisco is inviting the world’s IT leaders to join its Networking.Next Virtual Event on 24 October, offering up a panel of experts who will examine the diverse trends of today, that are shaping tomorrow’s network.

Speaking alongside a bevy of top Cisco executives will be Radha Mistry, strategic foresight at CAD pioneer Autodesk, and Will Townsend, senior analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy.

The panelists will bring their combined expertise to bear on topics ranging from current business, social, and technology developments to the transformation that artificial intelligence is bringing to IT operations and the adjustments organisations need to make to meet the ever-growing demands on their networks.

Much of the discussion will centre on Cisco’s forthcoming comprehensive 2020 Global Networking Trends report. All attendees will be able to get their hands on a complimentary copy.

Based on a survey of network strategists and IT leaders in 13 countries around the world, the report reflects the current state of areas such as cybersecurity and multi-cloud networking, and reveals the level of organisations’ preparedness for the unstoppable growth of internet data traffic and the imminent arrival of 5G.

In particular, the report shines a light on how networks are evolving to make meeting business needs their first priority. The path to that is what analysts are hailing as networking’s Next Big Thing, intent-based networking (IBN).

IBN is a software-defined approach to network management which helps to plan, design, and operate networks for improved availability and agility; implementing changes on the fly according to the organisation’s objectives, without manual intervention. The "intent" in IBN are business goals – for example, service levels, security policies, compliance, operational processes, and so on.

If you’re eager to learn more, sign up for the event here.

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