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Welcome to the World Of Tomorrow, where fridges suffer certificate errors. Just like everything else

Behold the Samsung Family Hu- oh, bugger

The connected refrigerator has long been the fever dream of many an IoT enthusiast, and Samsung's Family Hub has demonstrated the power of such a concept by falling over in a heap on a John Lewis sales floor.

With a 21.5-inch touchscreen embedded in one of the stainless steel doors, Samsung touts the monster refrigerator as a centre for "non-stop music, video & TV entertainment" as well as stopping fresh food from going a bit whiffy.

About as whiffy as the security certificate lurking behind some of its online components, judging by the state of the device lurking in the Oxford Street branch of John Lewis.

While Samsung is keen to trumpet the three cameras that can display the contents of the interior on that screen for users so focused on the future that actually opening the door is a chore to be avoided, we're pretty sure that a missing cert is unlikely to be on anyone's shopping list.

Unless you're O2, of course.

Those same cameras can also show the £3k Samsung's contents on a handy mobile phone, according to Sammy's sample shots, although we'd have to confess we've never encountered a refrigerator quite so... empty. Indeed, the office cooler here at Vulture Central is rammed four or five layers deep with mystery Tupperware and tersely labelled plastic containers, so those peepers might be less than effective.

Still, its good to see that thanks to the wonders of smart technology, a once mundane kitchen appliance can now perform all manner of Android-powered wonder. As well as enjoying the odd borkage when things get all a bit too much.

If this hack's elderly fridge was forced to count the calories contained within, we're pretty sure the subsequent numeric overflow would make a missing certificate seem minor in comparison. ®

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