Cloud file migration geek Mover packs boxes for Microsoft

Any cloud you like, so long as it rhymes with bee fix hive

On the eve of its FY20 Q1 earnings and with the Ignite shindig around the corner, Microsoft has announced the purchase of cloud migration outfit Mover.

While Microsoft already has a good few options for customers shifting data cloudwards, including FastTrack and those proffered by its channel pals, Mover is more about self-service, be it by admins or users.

Mover has been around since 2012, when it described itself as "the best tool to transfer your stuff online". Indeed, back in the day, CEO and co-founder Eric Warnke said: "You should not feel locked in, trapped, or even inconvenienced by where your files are stored. If you want to move data between two places you should be able to do it without ever wondering whether it is possible. That is what Mover does."

And so it was. The company touted a variety of options, including a Google Drive Connector, a little something for Box and an Amazon S3 Connector.

OneDrive arrived a little later.

Seven years on, the company is clearly focused on the wares of Microsoft, although the other cloud service providers still get a look-in. The company's own figures, published in August, showed the Windows giant dominating, as far as Mover was concerned, with the company being the destination for over 80 per cent of data during a three-month period.

Certainly, the focus for Mover is very much Office 365, with the company bragging that a cloud migration to Microsoft's brave new world is possible "without leaving your browser".

Microsoft intends to integrate Mover's technology with an eye to speeding the migration to its cloud from a variety of sources. Warnke himself insisted that the "acquisition will ensure that customers making the move to Microsoft 365 have a seamless and cost-effective experience". ®

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