Share your container, agile, CI/CD advice and tips – you now have until mid-Nov to submit a talk to our 2020 conference

We've extended the call-for-papers deadline for Continuous Lifecycle London

Got Tips?

Event We’ve extended the call for papers for Continuous Lifecycle London 2020, meaning you’ve got extra time to nail down your proposals.

Since the original deadline we’ve had a steady stream of late submissions and requests for extensions. So, to keep things fair, and ensure we have the broadest possible range of speakers, we’re keeping the call for papers open to November 12.

After all, our main aim is to address the real-world problems our attendees face, and how DevOps, continuous delivery, agile, serverless, cloud native and containerization, and their associated tools, can help solve them. And sometimes, knowing when to push back a deadline is part of that.

So, if you were just waiting for sign-off on a proposal, you’ve got time to chase that elusive signature. And, if you’ve already submitted a proposal, but have had another great idea for an in-depth talk or all-day workshop, well, let us know about that as well.

Full details of the call for papers, dates, tickets, and of course, our code of conduct, are on the Continuous Lifecycle London website here. ®


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