Watch online today: Boost innovation within your biz using magic of infrastructure-as-code

Transform your IT to lighten the load on developers

Webcast Skilled developers are a precious asset, so organisations are understandably anxious to make the most of their valuable time in the face of competing requests and projects.

Should you move to infrastructure-as-code to free your developers to drive innovation? Can pure code bring automation to the burdensome task of configuring applications?

If you want to learn about how infrastructure can help give free rein to your organisation’s dynamism and agility, tune into our webcast at 12 noon GMT today to hear Greg DeMichillie, director of developer strategy at Google Cloud, and Jesse McLaughlin, chief technology officer of online travel platform Loveholidays, talk to The Register’s Jon Collins about how to lighten your developers’ load.

Here are some of the topics the webcast will cover:

  • What infrastructure-as-code could mean for your organisation’s architecture and operations.
  • How cutting-edge technologies, such as serverless and containerised infrastructure, boost productivity.
  • How to avoid lock-in when you enter a serverless world.

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