Giving your on-prem tech the boot? This webcast will give you the grounding you need

From legacy migrations to data management, the cloud has its perks and pitfalls

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Webcast You’re counting down the days until you can finally pull the plug on your expensive and inelegant on-premises servers. Like countless businesses before you, you’re embracing the flexibility and cost savings of the cloud.

The cloud isn’t just a buzzword – it’s an entire way of doing business. When employed properly, it allows organizations to scale their tech to their own unbridled ambition, with infrastructure that grows with them. It helps teams work collaboratively across time zones, while simultaneously improving decision making through data-driven insights. It can remove the technological bottlenecks to success, and rapidly accelerate growth by infusing firms with a new-found agility.

Whether you’ve taken the first steps in your cloud journey, or you’re still contemplating taking the dive, this webcast is a must-watch. Sponsored by Qumulo, it aims to give you a practical footing in migrating your legacy infrastructure to the cloud, focusing on the complicated and often-fraught difficulties faced in application and file-system migration. Can you preserve permissions when moving to a cloud-based platform without doing mountains of heavy legwork? And can online services like Amazon Web Services' S3 offer the same level of performance as your on-prem solutions?

In this webcast, we’ll cover:

  • Understanding the promise of the cloud. What are the benefits of shifting legacy systems to cloud-based alternatives, particularly when paired with a data management strategy that focuses on resilience and continuity?
  • Data-related perks and pitfalls. How cloud-based file systems and data management can help your company grow, and the bumps in the road to avoid.
  • Looking beyond those early days. Finding a cloud-based architecture that addresses your immediate business concerns, while scaling with your aspirations.
  • Learning from experience. Ensuring the fidelity of data and exploring how cloud systems can complement the on-premises systems you’re not yet ready to replace.

Get the cloud right, and it’s a game-changer. Err, and it can throw seemingly-insurmountable hurdles in your company’s path. You owe it to yourself and your business to attend this webinar at 4.30 PM GMT / 8.30 AM PT on 21 November. Register right now, right here.


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