Tune in this month: El Reg's Chris Mellor talks storage, cloud and much more with Qumulo – and you're all invited

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Webcast The Register's storage editor Chris Mellor will interview Qumulo veep Molly Presley in a webcast set to be streamed on 19 November.

Over the course of the chat, we will explore the developing file-storage landscape, examine how file and object storage can interact, and discuss public cloud services.

Indeed, what role does public cloud play in file storage? Is it a cheap place to stash old files, or can it bring greater benefits to your business?

We hope to answer these questions before diving into the technology, from tiers and flash drives to NVMe and API access to secondary data capabilities and metadata to real-time analytics.

Finally, we'll probe the explosion in workplace documents: are file systems becoming too complex for mere humans to handle, and can artificial intelligence lend a hand here?

To sign up for this webcast, sponsored by Qumulo, click right here.


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