Continuous Lifecycle London 2020: Bag your discount early-bird tickets now before our speaker line-up goes live

Save £££s on DevOps, container, continuous delivery, serverless advice and info

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Event The program committee for our Continuous Lifecycle London 2020 conference meets this week – which means the clock is ticking loudly on our blind-bird ticket offer.

Our committee members are practitioners themselves, and you can guarantee they understand the challenges faced by real organisations, like yours, when it comes to developing and deploying modern software and managing the underlying infrastructure.

So be assured their program will not just carry the theory, but will delve deep into the practice of DevOps, containerization, continuous delivery, cloud-native software, and serverless applications – all at the QEII Conference Centre, in London, England, from May 13 to 15, 2020.

Once proposals for talks have been sifted by the team, you can expect the final agenda to appear early next month. Right now you can snap up blind-bird tickets for the two-day conference for just £500 plus VAT.

But don’t hang around: once the speakers go up, so do the prices, so head over to the Continuous Lifecycle London website now. ®

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