Sick and tired of LinkedInfluencers, hashtags, and real-life PHBs? Make your voice heard, fellow IT pros

Take your rightful place around 451 Alliance, the global tech watercooler

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Promo Do you feel like those working on the coalface of enterprise IT are routinely ignored, particularly when it comes to the direction of their industry?

Sure, we all know what the agenda-driven vendors think. And who among us doesn’t have a tedious LinkedInfluencer within their network sharing lengthy rants about hyper-converged storage, alongside the obligatory motivational Gary Vaynerchuk memes about “#hustle”?

We all know what they think. But what do you think?

In a world where ordinary IT professionals struggle to assert their voice, 451 Research has created its own global enterprise IT think tank to serve as a megaphone for those neglected workers.

It’s called the 451 Alliance, and it’s made up of people just like you.

The 451 Alliance was created to facilitate knowledge-sharing within the enterprise IT sector. By participating in collective research, members help reveal the industry trends affecting their peers in an environment that’s blissfully unclouded by vendor hype.

It already boasts a diverse membership that includes all sectors of the enterprise IT pyramid: from software engineers and devops specialists, to key decision-makers like CTOs and CIOs. It also has members working in tech-adjacent departments (sales, marketing, HR, finance, operations, product, and so on), who have a vested interest in adopting the best technology for their line of business. This diversity promises a broad variety of perspectives on the pressing issues of the day.

Membership is free, and the 451 Alliance promises it won’t ever sell your data or try to flog you products. The only “price” is participation, with members expected to complete short surveys periodically to sustain their membership, with their contributions completely anonymized.

In return, you’ll get access to a whole host of benefits that’ll help you develop in your career. Members get access to key industry reports and intelligence, as well as regular webinars presented by respected 451 Research analysts, and discounts on tickets to industry events from the 451 Alliance’s partners, which include (ISC)2, ONUG, and Innovation Women.

Ready to take your place around the global tech water cooler? Apply here for membership in the 451 Alliance.


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