Time to break up with your cloud provider? Learn how a multi-cloud strategy can benefit your biz at ONUG Europe

Learn from top-tier execs about when it comes to digital transformation, monogamy doesn’t pay

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Promo There’s some truth in the old adage “don’t put your eggs in one basket.” For years, cloud vendors have bombarded corporate decision makers with heavy-handed marketing tactics, insisting businesses should use their cloud platforms — and their platforms alone. Those who heeded their words often lived to regret it.

What’s wrong with going “all-in” on a single cloud provider? If you value flexibility, everything. Developers and systems engineers alike work by choosing the best tools for the job. By handcuffing them to a single cloud platform, you take away the autonomy that allows them to do their best work.

There’s also a financial case for a multi-cloud strategy. With providers charging different rates for storage and computing power alike, it makes sense to choose based on your immediate needs. As an added bonus, employing a diverse array of cloud provider provides a degree of insulation, should one decide to hike their rates.

Despite the perks, those renouncing cloud monogamy face a unique set of challenges. How do you normalize your cloud infrastructure across multiple providers? And for developers, what considerations need to be made before writing cloud-native apps for multiple platforms? These pertinent questions, and others, will be answered at ONUG Europe in London, UK, on December 4 and 5, which takes place at the magnificent National Gallery.

At ONUG Europe, you’ll learn from experienced wayfarers on the cloud transformation journey. Hear from your peers at Cigna, Bank of America, QBE Credit Suisse, JPMorgan Chase, Centrica, and DXC how they boosted infrastructure reliability, raised developer performance, and cut costs by switching to a multi-cloud strategy. With its 20 Proof of Concept demonstrations, you can learn the latest best practices and see the practical software building blocks required to finesse your digital transformation projects. And crucially, you can learn proven organisational and cultural tweaks that’ll make your teams more effective at what they do.

You really can’t afford to miss next week’s event. Registration for ONUG Europe is open now. And if you can’t attend all two days, we invite you to attend one of the four open sessions for £10 each with the voucher codes “CTOEuro,” “DebateEuro,” “THMEuro,” and “AgileEuro.”

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