Get ahead of the cyber-criminals using training and advice from SANS Manchester in 2020

Keep up with the latest threats – and learn how to stop them

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Promo The IT security landscape changes by the second, as organisations move to new technologies and data thieves devise increasingly ingenious ways to penetrate systems. It’s no surprise that IT security leaders feel the constant need to shore up their defenses.

Help on how to achieve this will be at hand at the major event IT security training specialist SANS Institute is bringing for the first time to Manchester, UK, from 24 to 29 February next year.

Like all SANS training events, it offers a range of intensive courses and hands-on labs taught by industry leaders who bring their real-world experiences into the classroom.

Develop the hands-on cyber security skills most needed right now, network with like-minded security professionals facing similar challenges, and enhance your career prospects by preparing for your GIAC Certification.

One of the key courses at the event will be SEC504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling. This course enables you to turn the tables on miscreants, by helping you gain a detailed understanding of their tactics and strategies. It provides you with hands-on experience in finding security vulnerabilities and discovering intrusions, and equips you with a comprehensive incident handling plan.

The additional four courses on the agenda cover the following topics:

Security essentials, bootcamp style
Do you understand why some organisations get compromised and others don’t? Would you be able to find compromised systems on your network? Are you confident all your security devices are effective? Are proper security metrics communicated to your executives? If you’re not sure, this is the course for you.

Cloud security architecture and operations
Business leaders are turning to cloud services to save money and gain capabilities, but will security be their Achilles heel? The course covers security fundamentals, policy and governance, technical principles, and cloud architecture and design.

SIEM with tactical analytic
Logging systems collect vast amounts of data from a multitude of sources. Students on this course will learn about building a security information and event management (SIEM) platform, covering topics from when to use one to enriching log data and extracting intelligence.

Network penetration testing and ethical hacking
Learn to conduct a full-scale, high-value penetration test. Start with planning, scoping and recon, then dive into scanning, target exploitation, password attacks, and web app manipulation. Find the flaws in your systems before the bad guys do.

Join SANS at their first ever Manchester training event by registering right here today.


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