'Horndog hackers' have a Wales of a time slinging smut from UK gov Twitter account

Sheepish staff apologize after it turns out securing government comms is hard work

British officials scrambled to apologize this afternoon after the official Twitter account of the Welsh arm of the UK government was clocked retweeting links to, and videos of, hardcore porno.

During the brief but embarrassing episode, the account shared some decidedly NSFW posts from porn spam bots. While the offending posts were quickly taken down, netizens who got an eyeful of the X-rated flicks were able to take a few screencaps of the smutty material.

Here is one of the cleaner examples.

Other posts, which El Reg is not going to share, displayed far more graphic images and videos.

However, rather than simply chalk the issue up to a staffer forgetting to sign out of the account before doing some, er, personal browsing, the government is instead telling everyone these posts were the result of a "security breach."

The entire blunder is more than a bit amusing given the lengths Blighty's government has gone in recent years to keep Brits from enjoying web smut. It turns out all you needed to do was follow its own accounts.

No word on what measures will be taken to prevent such attacks from occurring again in the future. We hear that opening a new incognito window is a good way to stop those pesky "hackers" from liking NSFW content with the corporate Twitter account. ®

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