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Find out how Kubernetes simplifies DataStax deployments

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Webcast Growing numbers of enterprises are turning to hybrid and multi-cloud solutions for the advanced capabilities they can bring to IT operations. However, to make the most of these solutions, organisations must be able to handle workloads seamlessly across a range of different providers.

In our webcast, starting at 1100 PT on December 18, Chris Bradford, product manager at California-based data management company DataStax, will talk to The Register's Elena Perez about the ways in which IT leaders are streamlining their data center management.

The session will cover the following main topics:

  • The essential requirement for the modern data center to improve speed, resilience, and scalability.
  • How Kubernetes, or K8s, the open-source platform for managing containerized workloads, has emerged as a dominant technology.
  • How DataStax Kubernetes Operator simplifies the deployment of DataStax Enterprise, a distributed hybrid-cloud database built on Apache Cassandra, which is the open-source database management system built and used by the likes of Amazon, Facebook, and Google.
  • The challenges facing IT leaders in an increasingly multi-operator future.

If you are allergic to complexity and keen to boost your company’s IT efficiency, this is the webcast you need.

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