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Windows 10 Insiders: Begone, foul Store version of Notepad!

You say 20H1, they say 2004, let's call the whole thing off

Microsoft has emitted a fresh build of next year's Windows 10 to both the Slow and Fast rings of the Windows Insider programme and goodness, those guinea pigs weren't keen on Notepad-In-The-Store.

Build 19035 – lacking the build number watermark but still not quite done, according to Insider chief Brandon LeBlanc – was notable for what wasn't in it rather than what was.

Text editor fans will be relieved to see the departure of the Store version of Notepad based on "feedback". The team also issued a warning that users would need to reassociate filetypes and perhaps pin the app back on the taskbar, but, thanks to the group's legendarily bad communication skills, provided no other detail.

The Register has asked for the thinking behind the decision and what the future holds for the aged app and its feature set.

To be fair, there were good reasons for dumping Notepad in the otherwise moribund Microsoft Store, not least making the ancient editor updateable without requiring an OS patch. However, back in August when the move to the Store was first announced, we were a little concerned that the change might be a first step to jettisoning the beloved relic. Or perhaps a move to a Calculator-esque open-sourcing.

However, for now at least, it will be business as normal as far as Notepad is concerned.

The "experiment" for driver updates via Windows Update is also at an end. Those lucky, lucky people who took part will no longer see the "Optional Updates" link. The termination of the experiment also deals with the ongoing printer driver issues, where the same driver kept appearing as an update after an install.

With release looming, there is little else other than some relatively minor fixes on offer this time around.

There are, however, some worrying known issues. As well as the usual suspects (anti-cheat software incompatibilities and some USB 3.0 devices misbehaving), recent builds have been failing with a 0xc1900101 error code before trying again. Some Insiders have also reported the installer hanging. Not ideal when the thing is supposedly so much faster these days.

The gang has also dropped a cumulative update (19035.1000) to check out the servicing pipeline for 20H1. Or 2004. Or whatever the heck they're calling it this week. We've got a few suggestions.

The simultaneous release to both Slow and Fast rings indicates that its pretty much done and Fast ring Insiders should expect something a little more bleeding edge before long. Whether that will 20H2 or 21H1 is currently unclear.

In the meantime, now is the time for Fast ring fans to hop onto the Slow ring if needed. Once that RS_PRERELEASE code starts flowing, the only escape will be via a reinstall. ®

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