Watch live online: Your customers and staff need always-on instant results. Here's how to meet those demands

Optimize the performance, cost and capacity of data-driven apps with Intel

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Webcast We live in a connected world and expect that our services are always-on and instantly available.

As an IT leader, you’re under pressure to process ever-increasing volumes of data, more quickly and efficiently than ever. Even if you’ve been historically satisfied with server response rates, you know that yesterday’s real-time will fall short tomorrow. The question is, how can you accelerate data processing to keep up with accelerating business demands for an instant experience?

Get the answer to this question and more in tomorrow's live webcast – that's Tuesday, December 10 – taking place at 9am PT, hosted by The Register’s Elena Perez.

With insight from Sheryl Sage, Director of Partner Marketing at Redis Labs, and Frank Ober, a Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Architect from Intel®, the webcast will cover:

  • What “instant experience” means in today’s data landscape.
  • Where the opportunities lie in optimizing performance, cost, and capacity in Redis deployments.
  • A real-life case study of a customer scaling their 15TB environment to 1PB with Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory optimization.
  • Considerations for the future and the evolving demands of data.

Whether you’re struggling to keep up or simply want to keep that competitive advantage, this webcast, brought to you by Intel®, will help you stay ahead of the curve in data-center optimization.

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