Co-op Bank online and mobile banking goes TITSUP*

*Total Inability To Shuffle money Using Phone

The Co-op Bank's app and online services are enjoying an extended lie-in today with multiple customers complaining they're locked out.

Hundreds of folks in the UK began reporting problems with the website and online banking around 08:01 UTC this morning on

piggy bank

Guess who the Co-op Bank chose for £141m outsourcing deal? Can't be. Yes, it's Capita


The social media crew at the bank said: "We are currently experiencing an issue with our app and online banking. We're working to fix the problem and will update customers as soon as we can."

At the weekend, the Co-Op, along with sister "full service internet bank" Smile, advised they were "performing maintenance on its mobile app, online banking and automated telephone services from 23:59 [on Saturday night] until the early hours of [Sunday] morning." Users were told to "move money or make any transfers beforehand" and that they'd still be able to use their cards "as normal".

It is not known if the current issues are connected to this. We have contacted the bank for comment. Account-holders on Twitter were less than impressed.

Following the discovery of a £1.5bn black hole on its balance sheet in 2013, the Co-Op plotted turnaround efforts that included throwing half a billion pounds at overhauling its creaking IT infrastructure after years of "under-investment". A report into the bank's financial troubles was published in March this year (PDF). ®

Updated to add at 12.15 UTC:

The Co-Op Bank told us: "The services should be restored now for customers. We're monitoring it currently but customers are telling us that they can access online banking and the app."

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