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Oi, Queenslander who downloaded 26.8TB in June alone – we see you

That's quite the appetite you've got there

Pirate lord or prodigious porn pumper – how much did YOU download this month? The majority of us will be on unlimited connections and such a question won't matter outside of mobile data.

But if you consider yourself a bit of a download demon, note that Australia's Openreach cognate nbn™ has drilled down into the nation's internet habits and singled out one user in Queensland who guzzled an astonishing 26.8TB in June alone.

Thankfully, someone (9News) did the maths and apparently that's equivalent to:

  • A copy of almost every single song on Spotify
  • Game of Thrones season 8 in UltraHD 119 times
  • An HD version of Joker 7,615 times
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox 304 times

Blimey. This little nugget was buried among some far more banal "insights" such as Australia consuming "1.35 billion GB" (1.35EB) in June this year, video streaming now dominating data consumption, downloads per month on the nbn™ access network increasing 820 per cent between 2012 and 2019, and east-coast Aussies being the most "data hungry".

So who was this MegaDownloader? Last we heard, Kim Dotcom was still in New Zealand. Business use? Nope. nbn™ told The Register unequivocally: "This was the highest individual residential user."

P2P? 26.8TB in a month seems steep to stash on consumer hardware so perhaps it was a marathon session of UltraHD Netflix and chill. Or a marathon session of something.

The mouthpiece added: "As nbn is a wholesale provider we do not know what subscription they are on, but there are a number of unlimited data plans available in Australia.

"People can consume as much or as little data as they want in line with the package they have purchased from their service provider and subject to any of the service providers fair use policies."

Of course we asked the obvious question, only to be told: "We cannot see any content access or information sent over the internet."

Answers on a postcard in the comments below, please. ®

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