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Y2K? How about Y2.02K as Lloyds suffers its second TITSUP* of the year

Faster is the new slower where payments are concerned at Black Horse (Down) bank

UK banking giant Lloyds is having a mare of a 2020 as its systems fell over for the second day running today.

The bank rang in 2020 with online services dropping over as party-goers stumbled home, offering apologies as customers struggled with mobile apps and web logins before finally getting its act together by around midday (although users continued to vent their spleen via social media well into the evening).

Sadly, the act appears to have fallen apart again today as users, revelling in the restored ability to log into the group's online services, found themselves unable to receive payments from other banks.

One Register reader got in touch to tell us that a regular payment made to an account yesterday (which should have turned up first thing today) had yet to put in appearance. The problem was apparently unrelated to yesterday's shenanigans and was to be fixed by "this afternoon", but at time of writing appears to be ongoing judging by the wailing on social media.

Which is unfortunate for those depending on payment into accounts in order to meet outgoing debits due to hit during the first working days of the month.

The Register contacted Lloyds and received the legendary service to which its customers appear to have become accustomed as a representative first professed ignorance of the issue before assuring us they would look into it.

We'd suggest a quick chat with the unfortunates tasked with managing the bank's Twitter orifice, who seem to have spent the day asking frustrated customers to pop them a discreet direct message about the problem.

At time of writing, customers continue to complain about payments yet to turn up in their accounts. We will update this piece should Lloyds provide an explanation for today's issue. ®

* Total Inability To Sort User Payments

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