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Brit banking sector hasn't gone a single day of 2020 without something breaking

Yorkshire and Clydesdale latest to join ongoing game of TITSUP*manship

Updated It appears the UK banking system is playing a fiscal game of Top Trumps as both Yorkshire and Clydesdale Bank followed yesterday's example set by Lloyds by not processing payments into customer accounts.

Problems followed a similar pattern as customers checked their accounts this morning to find expected payments not turning up.

Minor stuff like, er, salaries, that sort of thing.

The wailing kicked off from 6am local time, reaching a crescendo three hours later as customers hit refresh and refresh once more, but their expected payments continued to be absent.

Yorkshire Bank's customer service orifice on Twitter gave up responding publicly to users just before 10am, presumably to focus on the wave of customers bombarding the bank's news emitter. Over the course of the morning the bank went from "investigating this issue" to confirming that things were indeed borked.

The bank was, however, at pains to reassure customers that it would be dealing with the fiscal fallout caused by the outage and were quick to give us the following statement:

We are aware some customers have experienced a delay with transactions reaching their accounts today and are investigating this as a top priority. We are sorry for any inconvenience customers are experiencing. We are working to resolve it as soon as possible and we want to reassure customers they will not be negatively impacted financially as a result of this.

A cynic might wonder if the same Jim Henson creations responsible for Lloyds' Faster payments did some moonlighting on the systems used by Yorkshire Bank, which also trades as Clydesdale Bank and Virgin Money.

To its credit, the bank has admitted that there is a problem and the promise of no "negative financial impact" is reassuring. However, it will be interesting to see how the bank is willing to go beyond overdraft fees and late payment penalties when calculating the amount of this impact.

It has been a difficult few days for the UK's banking sector, but hopefully the problem will be resolved ahead of the inevitable rush to the pubs this evening for, er, soft drinks and soda.

It is January after all. ®

* Transfers Into Traders Seem Utterly Pants

Updated to add

A spokesperson got back in touch with The Reg and told us: "We are aware some customers experienced a delay today with Bacs transactions reaching their accounts. This was caused by the processing date for a Bacs file being incorrect, which delayed transactions showing in customers’ accounts."

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused to those customers affected. We are now working to get account balances updated overnight so that correct funds are available from early tomorrow morning. We can assure customers that they will not be negatively impacted financially as a result of this. Anybody with any ongoing concerns should contact the bank through the usual channels."

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