Love T-shirts, but can't be bothered to wash them? We've seen just the thing!

Conference swag collectors take note - this thing will apparently go 10 days pong-free

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Geeks around the world, rejoice. You too can own a T-shirt that can go 10 days between washes, resist pizza and caffeinated beverage stains while keeping static at bay.

The garment does so much, froths the over-excited copy "you'll never want to take it off."

Or, if you do keep the thing on for the full 10 days, peel it off.

Of less interest is the UPF50+ (ultraviolet protection factor is the rating for garments) protection because, well, who goes outdoors when barely a day goes by without a fresh Linux distribution to pick over or a Microsoft emission to prod with a long, pointy stick?

The CORI SuperTee is a Kickstarter project, so the usual warnings regarding crowdfunding apply. It has also blown through its target of £5,663 (about 10,000 Singapore dollars) with £96,787 committed by backers, eager to enjoy the cooling delights of the product without the fragrance challenges that a week and a half of constant wearing might bring.

Naturally, we at The Register have pondered long and hard over who would benefit most from such gear. There is a longstanding and wholly unjustified stereotype that technical types are often wont to neglect personal hygiene matters when a thorny computing problem needs solving – say, for example, exactly how to get out of the bedroom in Infocom's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy or achieving the eponymous status in Acornsoft's Elite.

While we contend the CORI SuperTee would be immeasurably improved by a large Vulture logo across the chest, please use the comments below to suggest who might most benefit from clothing that won't honk after 10 days use, and why. ®

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