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The Great Big – but not that big – Reg Reader Survey

Got Tips?

Survey Thank you for reading The Register. We hope you like what you see. And whether you do or you don't, now's your chance to pipe your thoughts about the site and its coverage of technology directly into our brains.

We're running our annual reader survey, and we would be extremely grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete it for us.

The results enable us to understand our readership's interests, concerns, and preferences so we can bring you more of the content you want, in the format you prefer.

We also use the information in the form of anonymized, aggregated stats when talking to advertisers and sponsors so they can understand the shape of our readership. For example, this many percent of our readers identify as software developers, this percentage work in security, and so on.

This is important for paying the bills, as it reassures advertisers they are reaching millions of engineers, decision makers, IT professionals, and other clever cookies, and also ensures that ads and sponsorship campaigns remain as relevant as possible to you.

The more of you who take part, the more it helps us help you. Up for it? Please click right here. And, again, thank you. ®

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