Join us live online today: Find out how to store and manage data in the hybrid-cloud era to boost your business

Insight and security in a complex environment? Let NetApp guide you with help from Freeform Dynamics

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Webcast You know the story: your users are creating data faster than ever before.

But ask yourself: is your information being stored effectively? Can your users get hold of the data they need, and use it when and where they want?

If your answer is "no," or even just "not always," today's webcast, brought to you by NetApp, is for you.

Processing terabytes upon terabytes of business data to extract valuable insights and trends can and should take place anywhere: in your data center, computer room, on your desk, on the road, and in the cloud.

Managing your data across many of these different types of systems, scattered over multiple locations and jurisdictions, can be difficult, though. To keep costs and security under control, you need to have a robust, reliable data platform to handle the ingestion and creation of information, cope with the active use of this data, and manage its long-term storage through to its end of life. And this all has to work without constant skilled supervision.

So, what can you do? Join us today at 3pm GMT to find out as Tony Lock of Freeform Dynamics, and Adrian Cooper of NetApp, discuss what options are available to build a robust unified data platform that operates across hybrid cloud environments.

If you need to improve how you manage your data, or your users could do with some help to get the most out of all the data you hold, please join this webcast, and get involved.

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