Get hands on with Kubernetes, service meshes – and more – at our fantastic Continuous Lifecycle London conference

Dive into an all-day workshop – now at early-bird prices – for practical advice from experts in the field

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Event If you want to get deep into continuous delivery, or get your hands dirty with Kubernetes or Lambda, our Continuous Lifecycle London conference has a workshop for you.

This year, in the heart of the UK capital, we’ve got four all-day workshops lined up for May 15, each of which is led by an expert in their field, who will give you an extremely practical rundown on the topic or technology in question.

Dave Farley joins us again to deliver a workshop on continuous delivery for large enterprises. Dave will review the foundations of continuous delivery, describe why and how it works, consider the compliance and legacy challenges it raises, and explore what it takes for an organisation to embrace and really benefit from this new approach.

If you want to get a grip on microservices, you’ll want to check out Innoq’s Hanna Prinz’s service meshes hands-on workshop. In this session, you’ll configure Istio and Linkerd service meshes using a microservice application as an example and explore their features and APIs. The goal is to gain a deep understanding of the service mesh architecture and its capabilities and disadvantages.

In his session on application deployment with Kubernetes, ATIX’s Jan Bundesmann will introduce you to the basics of the cluster architecture and explain how different resources – compute, network, and storage – are queried through the Kubernetes API. You’ll learn how to deploy applications to Kubernetes clusters, make them available via the internet, and manage their whole lifecycle.

If you want to get up and running with AWS Lambda, you’ll want to join Lars Rowekamp’s serverless kickstarter. Participants will take a look at miscellaneous serverless solutions for a variety of different real-life scenarios and review the pros and cons of each of them. You'll build your own serverless functions from scratch and learn how they can be choreographed to build a joint solution.

Best of all, all our workshops are currently at early-bird prices, saving you £100 off the regular price. So, if you want to get deep, and save big, head over to the Continuous Lifecycle London website now. ®

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