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One of five practical conference sessions for people of all ability levels

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Event If you’re a seasoned tech pro who’s wondering what DevOps is all about, good news... our Continuous Lifecycle London conference has added a workshop just for you.

On May 15, Ranger4's Helen Beal will run a session titled DevOps Essentials, which is aimed at people with tech experience, but who may be new to DevOps concepts and principles.

Participants will unpick the relationships between agile, lean, and IT service management (ITSM), and how they relate to DevOps, along with newer and emerging practices like DevSecOps, site reliability engineering, and ChatOps. They will return to their organisations equipped to drive meaningful change in the way they work.

If you already know all about that, don’t worry, DevOps Essentials is just one of five option workshops we’ll be running at this year’s Continuous Lifecycle London.

Continuous delivery pioneer Dave Farley will run a session on Continuous Delivery for Large Enterprises, which will explore what it takes for an organisation to embrace and really benefit from this approach.

Innoq’s Hanna Prinz’s Service Meshes Hands-On workshop will give you a deep understanding of the service mesh architecture and its capabilities and disadvantages.

In his session on Application Deployment with Kubernetes, ATIX’s Jan Bundesmann will take you from the basics of cluster architectures, through to deploying and managing applications on Kubernetes.

And if serverless is something you need to look into, Lars Rowekamp’s Serverless Kickstarter would be a good place to start and learn how to build your own serverless functions from scratch and how they can be choreographed for a joint solution.

Best of all, our conference and workshop tickets are all currently at early bird prices, saving you £100s off the regular price. So, if you want to get deep, and save big, head over to the Continuous Lifecycle London website now. ®


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