Learn the fast route to transforming your digital services with OutSystems

City of Oakland, Forrester, Humana, thinkmoney and Deloitte trace their transformative low-code journey

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Promo If you feel it’s time to simplify your digital operations and streamline the services you offer to your customers, tune in to a three-day online summit to hear from companies in various industry sectors who have done just that.

From February 11 to 13, global provider OutSystems will bring together speakers from five top users of its low-code application development platform. Their stories will provide valuable insights into how you can make the digital services you offer to customers smoother and more efficient.

Choose between any or all of the following case studies:

Building a digital experience portfolio
In this keynote session, Michael Facemire, vice-president and principal analyst at technology research firm Forrester, and Bruce Buttles, digital channels director at US health insurance company Humana, will reveal how they built a cross-channel digital portfolio with shared data.

How City of Oakland improved citizens’ access
With more than 20 departments, siloed data, and outdated systems, California's Oakland was struggling to provide citizens with the best access to its services. In this webinar, City of Oakland CIO Pete Peterson will share how his team used the OutSystems platform to unify data across departments, allowing cross-promotions and providing city employees with the data they need to serve residents.

thinkmoney: Banking made easy
To deliver on its promise of hassle-free banking, and stand out in a competitive industry, thinkmoney embarked on a digital customer service revamp. In this session, the company reveals how it achieved its aim in only a few months, launching an award-winning mobile app that has lead to a 30 per cent increase in new accounts.

Customer experiences for the new decade: Tales, lessons and pitfalls
The speaker is César Marto, head of professional services at Deloitte’s OutSystems Centre of Excellence. Check for further details soon.

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