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Total Inability To Service User Pulls: GitHub wobbles with a good old Thursday TITSUP

Hey – there's always Visual SourceSafe, right?

Source shack GitHub has taken a tumble today with many users finding pretty much all of its services either degraded or borked beyond belief.

Problems appeared to start at around 1400 UTC, judging by the shrieking on social media, with GitHub admitting that, yup, something was amiss with the API and webhooks (required for integration with the likes of CI/CD systems) at 1431 UTC. By 1457 UTC the repo held up its little tentacles and said there were errors across the whole of

At the time of writing, the investigation was continuing, and GitHub said it was planning to "shift to a slower [incident] update cadence to provide more meaningful updates going forward."

It's not a great look for the Microsoft acquisition, which also suffered problems on 25 February that left webhooks and the API trembling, as well as other services poorly, for more than two hours.

Todays issues have come a day after CEO Nat Friedman boasted of the arrival of multi-line suggestions.

We've got a multiline suggestion for you, Nat:

  • Fix
  • Your
  • Systems

In the meantime, some wags have poked a little fun at the outage at Microsoft's expense:

Others attempted to replicate, via the medium of Gifs on Twitter, the engine rooms of many a development outfit as GitHub continued its totterings.

We have asked GitHub for an explanation of the ongoing issues, and will update this piece if one is forthcoming.

In the meantime, keep on coding – but maybe go easy on the pull requests for a little while. We all know what happens when you pull on a thread a little too hard… ®

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