Raise your low-code game with OutSystems' webcasts on chatbots, progressive web apps, and more

Make things that work well, look good, and talk back, with help from interactive online training

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Promo Why code from scratch when you can assemble apps quickly and visually from a collection of parts? That’s perhaps an oversimplification of low-code, but building and deploying applications and services with this automated approach has a variety of benefits.

How about increased agility, reduced costs, amped-up productivity, better risk management and governance due to baked-in security and scalability requirements for a start? Just as important today, where digital experiences drive the apps we use, low-code can make it easier for any organizations to build software that competes with the digital leaders like Uber and AirBnB

The low-code experts at OutSystems know all this, of course, though rather than pushing further sales rhetoric on you about their numerous development-assisting offerings, they want to actually prove it in the field.

Between March 12 and 26, OutSystems is hosting three webcasts where they will show you how to build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), intelligent chatbots, and web and mobile experiences with great looking and smooth animations.

The first session, on Thursday, March 12, is PWA day. Hosted by OutSystems’ solution architect Keith Murphy, the webcast will take you through building and deploying a PWA in line with all modern app-like user expectations, while clearly outlining the benefits in terms of rapid user adoption and engagement, reduced friction, and the simple joy of deploying and distributing applications in a straightforward way.

The second session, on Thursday, March 19, is all about chatbots, as solution architect James DeVries uses OutSystems.AI to help you create your own intelligent chatbot, fully integrated with AI cloud services and ready to help customers with any day-to-day challenge.

Finally, join OutSystems product manager João Grazina on Thursday, March 26 to find out how to build low-code animation experiences for web and mobile that feel great, and behave themselves. Touch feedback, swipe transitions, nav animations and all the bells and whistles the youth of today expect will be covered, replete with CSS and JavScript tips where appropriate. No hand-coding whatsoever needed, honest.

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