Microsoft picks up Your Phone – unless you're an Apple fan – in a fresh Windows 10 build

Time to get your eyeballs rolling, you've been staring at the screen long enough

While its employees adjusted to life complaining about working from home rather than working in open-plan offices, Microsoft emitted a fresh build of Windows 10 for Fast Ring Insiders and tweaked Your Phone for Samsung owners.

Build 19582.1001 brought forth the usual limited list of updates, although the thoughtful increasing of spacing in the Eye Control settings pages will be welcomed by those who need to control their PCs by eyeball.

Microsoft also had plans to continue its attempts to deal with the scattergun approach to spattering information in Windows by removing the security status details from the About Screen, but found it inexplicably difficult to highlight and delete the appropriate code. Heck, we've all been there. It will let us know once someone has plucked up the requisite courage to do so.

In the meantime, other tweaks included disabling the "Set Time Zone Automatically" toggle if location was disabled and an update to the Scottish Gaelic keyboard.

Fixes included a return to life for the cloud recovery option for Reset this PC and solving an occasional lack of DPI awareness in the Task Manager.

However, as if to remind users that this remains a preview build, several issues continue to lurk. Screenshots captured with Win + PrtScn don't go to the Screenshots directory and for some users corruption repair will stall at 84.9 per cent. And, as has been the case for while now, the update might appear to stall or hang because it's an Insider build, OK?

Keeping the phone screen clean

The gang also announced enhancements to the Your Phone companion app, which has become an essential tool for Windows 10 and Android users. iPhone fans? Not so much.

Copy and paste of text and images between phone and PC is now possible for those in "select markets" using the Galaxy Z Flip or S20/S20+/S20 Ultra and the April 2018 Update of Windows 10. S20 series users (running Android 10) also see support for the Rich Communication Service (RCS), assuming they are running the Samsung Messages app and have a cooperative mobile operator.

Those able to use the Phone Screen option to, er, view the screen of their phone in Your Phone (rather than having to paw at the filthy thing) also get the option to turn off their device's display in order to preserve battery power.

Windows Insiders and those running 19H2 (aka the November 2019 Update) should get their hands on the toys first. Additional Samsung phones should be supported in the future.

But Apple fanbois? Tough. ®

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