Forget about those pesky closures, Windows 10 has an important message for you

Remember the three rules: social distancing, hand washing, giving Windows enough storage

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Bork!Bork!Bork! Welcome to another instalment of The Register's occasional series reminding IT professionals to check their public facing orifices.

Today's bork comes from purveyor of flatpack furniture and specialists in cashdesk queuing, IKEA.

No stranger to unhappy digital signage, the homeware giant has form when it comes to not giving Windows 10 enough headroom to install those all-important security updates.

This sign was spotted in the Warrington store by Register reader, Mat Hall, who had been dragged to the land of missing bolts and inexplicable instructions by his partner.

"We may be facing a deadly pandemic," he grumbled, "but apparently that's the perfect time to do home improvement."

Absolutely. While your loyal Vultures are striving to ensure that normal levels of snark are maintained in these trying times, picking up a paintbrush or wielding a screwdriver seems infinitely preferable to contemplating the long, dark teatime of the next few months.

Like many retailers, IKEA had important information to share with its customers. However, Windows 10 clearly decided that updating itself was far more important – if only the retailer would give it just a little more headroom.

El Reg is nothing if not a source of information, and so we can tell you that IKEA was trying to tell shoppers that it was closing its doors from 20 March throughout the UK and Ireland.

Unfortunately for our reader, hopes of dodging home improvement during this difficult time have been dashed by the retailer's online options.

One can but hope that IKEA can use this unexpected downtime to add some much needed storage to its fleet of Windows 10 machines in order to fend off viruses of the digital variety at least. ®


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