Yes, you can build your business in the public cloud: Tune in live online next month to find out exactly how

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Webcast While early adopters jumped right into the first generation of cloud services, you may have held off – and perhaps for good reason. Now the second generation is upon us, you may be wondering if this is the right time to join the revolution.

Arguments against using cloud computing are mostly tainted by the traditional belief that putting business data on the cloud is akin to sticking your company accounts on Google Drive with a big sign reading: "Please Steal This." There are also assumptions of complexity, and fears over the cost of finding a new home in a cloud network.

In 2020, these concerns can be easily challenged. There are now entire businesses shifting their very essence into public clouds, and in the case of many startups, beginning life on cloud platforms.

As with most key topics of IT intrigue, we have a webcast just for this: on April 30, 2020, El Reg’s Tim Phillips will be joined by Carla Arend, IDC's lead analyst for cloud in EMEA, and Yasser Eissa, VP of IBM Public Cloud for Europe.

As well as tackling all the basic factors of a public cloud move, they’ll be going a little deeper into the practicalities, talking about how existing cloud investments can help contribute to a wider flexibility in doing more with public cloud; how open-source software can help ramp up security and enterprise-grade infrastructure in the public cloud; and how public cloud can help you avoid vendor lock-in when planning any further changes to the way you work.

First-movers are already exploiting the public cloud, and it’s time to find out how to get a piece of the action for yourself.

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