Crack police squad seeks help to flush out Australian toilet paper thieves

What a pair of asswipes – they even pulled a knife at a supermarket

Police in the Australian State of New South Wales have published an image of two men they say conducted a series of brazen toilet paper robberies and called for community assistance to flush them out.

NSW Police said the two men visited four outer-Sydney supermarkets on Sunday and undertook "a series of thefts and attempted thefts" of toilet paper.

"The pair appeared to be targeting toilet paper and stole multiple packs" at two supermarkets but went away empty-handed at the other two.

One of the bog-roll bandits is reported to have pulled a knife during one of the successful heists.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services, David Elliott, urged anyone with information to come forward and report to police.

"I support any measures taken by police to protect our communities from this sort of disgraceful criminal activity, " he said. "The people of NSW will not tolerate criminal behaviour at any time let alone during this crisis.

"People need to grow up and look out for our most vulnerable." ®

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