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Microsoft staff giggle beneath the weight of a 52,000-person Reply-All email storm

Team Redmond stokes the flames as an exercise in black humor

Microsoft is right now groaning under the weight of a 52,000-person internal Reply-All email storm.

The Register understands this one started when Microsoft’s internal store shared a mail about discount software deals for friends and family of Microsoft staff. While that offer was generous, it didn’t apply to all Microsoft staff everywhere - but the email reached well beyond the US of A. Which prompted an early Reply-All message asking whether the offer could cross borders. Then the snowball started rolling, and proved unstoppable.

We understand the mail went throughout Microsoft – enterprise, cloud and even Xbox folks found it in their inboxes.

Our Microsoft sources tell us some staff are now hitting Reply All for the sheer fun of it, posting frivolous messages that celebrate the ridiculousness of the situation. Memes and other oddities are swirling in the storm.

The result is social media missives like this:

And, of course, seeing as the email has gone viral, mentions of the global coronavirus pandemic are spreading too.

Long-time Microsoftie Jeffery Snover, who worked on early versions of Windows NT, invented PowerShell and is now lead architect for the company's Enterprise Cloud Group, weighed in with some management-level advice:

Friend of The Register Adam Fowler even tweeted a possible fix:

Our Microsoft sources say that while the mail storm is a hassle, it’s also a welcome distraction from the wholly-understandable-gloom many staff of the Seattle-based tech titan feel at this very trying time. ®

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