Watch Equinix’s webinar to find out how to manage risk in the open banking shift

New digital payment standards are changing the rules – don’t be caught out

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Promo You’ll probably be more than familiar with open banking standards by now. Launched in the UK by the Competition and Markets Authority in January 2018 and increasingly adopted in the wider world, 202 (and counting) regulated providers are now on board.

As with any new policy or standard, that progress comes with infrastructural demand. With the financial services industry famed for moving rather slowly at the best of times, this translates into what can be a fairly major shift for digital payments technology and how it functions in the real world.

Risk management, obviously, is a huge part of this shift.

Much of the infrastructural responsibility around the digital payment shake up lies with data centre providers, and this is where Equinix comes in. The data centre and interconnection provider has put together a webinar – now available on-demand – to guide you through the core principles of transforming risk management in digital payments.

Equinix has invited experts from Citi, MasterCard, and Railsbank to describe and discuss some of the risk-based challenges in Europe and EMEA. With digital payments ecosystem and global solutions architecture boffins from Equinix, that’s a lot of informed voices for an hour of your time.

Covering topics including the emergence and development of open banking ecosystems, in terms of providers, and rollout of standards by regulators and industry, the webinar drills down into innovation risk strategy by discussing API application, cyber threats, latency control, and failover approaches.

Drawing on lessons already learned in performance, scale, complexity and global expansion of open banking, the webinar also gets you started with tips on creating your own open banking infrastructure and rollout, taking into account the specific demands and considerations of maintaining – or even enhancing – functionality along the digital supply chain.

By the end of the webinar, viewers should feel much savvier about leveraging technology to handle governance, security, infrastructure and regulation when rolling out open banking initiatives in a quickly changing financial landscape.

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